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Predz helps thousands of gamblers and sports betting related businesses, providing the best data-driven solutions for sports available in the market.

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About us

Predz was born from a meeting of minds between sports fans and business intelligence specialists, encouraged by today's big data uptake.

We are a dedicated and passionate team of sports betting experts, data-scientists and statisticians. A perfect alchemy between sports & technology that led to the birth of an advanced suite of strategic tools and techniques for sports betting. Our platform has been used by thousands of gamblers all over the world, just over one and a half years since its launch, in summer 2015.

Bringing everything you need together in one place.

Predz consists of an evolutive dashboard which brings together a large range of innovative tools designed for punters : Football and tennis predictions calculator, bankroll management system, injuried and suspended players, fixtures & odds comparison, Over/Under probability and more. Our full app will be released soon on both App Store and Google Play.


How does our algorithm work ?
It's quite simple!

Set up the head-to-head

Pick the teams or players you want to get predictions for. Add odds to improve accuracy.

Run the algorithm to perform the analysis

Click the [Get tips] button and get your reliable prediction based on a deep analysis in no time!

Bet following our recommendation

Even when our confident index (aka safety) is over 90%, never stake more than 5% of your bankroll.


How it works

Predz Bankroll Manager

A critical step toward becoming profitable.

Maintaining notes or Excel spreadsheets often end up being a tedious and time consuming process. Our multisport bankroll management tool helps you take control of your sports betting finances and understand them better. Bankroll Manager generates dynamic interactive charts including automated caculations of your winning rate and ROI. Generated datas and charts can be shared or exported in several formats : (CSV/Excel, PDF, etc.)

Bankroll Manager

Apps that will save you time and a lot of money.

Among our most popular tools are 2 useful and free apps for iOS et Android:

Optimizer makes mathematical projections up to 1 year, to help you figure out which profitable long term strategy suits you best. A must-have for all bettors. Don’t lay £1 until you try it.

Injuries and suspensions is the quickest way to know who's out for any European football League. We provide injury or ban details, and known/expected player's return date.

Optimizer, Blessures et suspensions

Discover how to use our Affiliate Marketing Program to monetize your audience.

Whether you are a webmaster, blogger, social influencer or experienced affiliate, joining our affiliate program allows you to earn a 33% commission for each paying user you refer us. We made it simple to start earning referral income, especially if you have a sports betting related audience. You will also earn 5 pass for each validated referral. Learn more on our dedicated microsite.

Affiliate program

In order to apply, you will need to create a Predz user account first.

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Our corporate clients. Who are they?

Through our cloud API, we provide a real-time access to all data sets we are maintaining, in multiple structured formats: JSON, XML, CSV, HTML, etc. Scores, fixtures, stats, charts, predictive analysis and a lot more, since we always do everything possible to accommodate any of our partners requests.

We serve a highly diversified customer base, including bookmakers, media organisations, startups, small businesses, software-editing companies and mobile app developers.

Sport Datas API


home_bottom_automated_title The core aim of our platform is to save valuable time by automating betting approaches. We gather raw stats from betting exchanges and sports websites with advanced procedures, such as cross-checking data from various sources. The added value lies with our teams ability to cross-check these stats with data from various other reliable sources.